dscn0810Welcome to your online resource for street life in the Capital Region of New York State. If you are homeless, couch surfing, or just in need of essential services, you’ve found the right place – welcome Home.

If you find that any information here is outdated or incorrect, please drop me a note and let me know so I can make the necessary changes.  CONTACT A View From the Streets

Why do you need “a view from the streets”? Life on the streets is not easy. Finding essentials like food, clothes, medical care and a place to stay is difficult and time consuming when you’re at street level.

Until now information about where to find what we need has been scattered about among many places – a list here, a phone number, resource guide or Calendar there – and you’ve had to carry all that everywhere you went (or try to memorize all of it). Never mind learning by trial and error how to navigate the social services and shelter system.

Updates about changes to hours of operation of community resources, the latest “Drop In Center” calendar, notifications about new resources as they become available, recent  community news and all other ‘new stuff’ can be found by clicking on “Here’s What’s New” in the Navigation Tabs at the top of this Page..

“a view from the streets” will (hopefully) make street life and the transition into a place of your own a bit easier. The resources and advice found here were culled from this {previously} homeless guy’s own experience.

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